Discover the world of bees

Bees, like many other insects, have their own well-organised ecosystem that allows humans to continue living on this earth.

In fact, it is only thanks to them that every year about 90% of the world's pollination takes place and that plants can grow and continue to exist.

Right in Lavarone is one of the most important museums dedicated to this fantastic world

The Marigo family has been producing honey since 1898. It has been operating in Lavarone for more than 50 years. About 20 years ago, Amelio, together with his father and mother, had the idea of transforming their passion for antique tools into a museum that would allow everyone to learn how, over time, the ways of working with this wonderful insect have changed.

With a collection that includes around 2000 historical artefacts, you will be able to travel back in time to the 1700s.

The museum visit

In summer, the family organises guided tours of about 1 hour, ideal for real enthusiasts and not.

We at the hotel always recommend a visit, we believe it is important to know the importance of bees in our lives. The bees live among us in the meadows and woods of Lavarone, every day you can find on the breakfast buffet the fantastic local products they reserve for us.

Types of honey produced

Attached to the museum is a small shop where you can buy honey.

The honeys that characterise our areas are dandelion honey, wildflower honey and bosco honey.

Chestnut, acacia and rhododendron honey are also produced in Trentino.

The production of honey does not only stop in our areas, but also continues to the centre of Italy, where it is possible to produce alfalfa, lime and eucalyptus honey.

Museo del Miele, Fraz. Azzolini 4, 38046 - Lavarone Trentino

T. (39) 0464 783315

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