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Castelli del Trentino, i nostri preferiti

There are so many castles in our region, we thought it would be a good idea to select a few to tell you about them and maybe even... a visit can be arranged...

Castel Beseno

The first, but also the closest to us is the largest fortress in Trentino, near Rovereto with a view over the entire Vallagarina. A strategic position on the road linking Italy with Mitteleuropa. This place was the scene of great battles such as the battle of "Calliano" in 1487 fought between the Tyrolean and Venetian troops who suffered a great defeat in their advance towards Trento.

In 1973, the Trapp counts donated the castle to the Autonomous Province of Trento, which took care of its restoration. Temporary exhibitions are organised every year and it is possible to visit the castle in summer. Here is the link to the website where you can book a visit

Admission is free for those staying at the hotel for more than one night, by applying for the Trentino Guest Card.

Castello del Buonconsiglio (Trento)

Buonconsiglio Castle was the residence of the prince-bishops of Trento from the 13th century until the end of the 18th century, and consists of a series of buildings of different periods, enclosed within a wall in a slightly elevated position with respect to the city. Castelvecchio is the oldest nucleus, dominated by a mighty cylindrical tower; the Magno Palazzo is the 16th-century extension in Italian Renaissance style, commissioned by Prince-Bishop and Cardinal Bernardo Cles (1485-1539); the Baroque Giunta Albertiana dates back to the end of the 17th century. At the southern end of the complex is Torre Aquila, which houses the famous Ciclo dei Mesi (Cycle of the Months), one of the most fascinating cycles of paintings on secular themes from the late Middle Ages.

Always worth a visit, the interior decoration is of great character. Trento is an increasingly large city, but it remains 'familiar' when you walk through the streets of the historic centre, which is just as beautiful as the Piazza Duomo, with its Neptune fountain built by Flavio Antonio Giongo of Lavarone. The trident is oriented towards Bolzano, where another statue of Neptune can be found in Piazza delle Erbe.

Link to the website of Castello del Buonconsiglio:

Castel Thun

A real magic, the castle is the emblem of Val di Non.

Surrounded by apple orchards, which in spring during the blossoming season, give you the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of this valley.

As soon as you arrive, you cannot fail to notice the majestic entrance, vast and well-kept gardens. During the visit, as well as discovering the lifestyle of the past, the tour gives you the opportunity to learn about part of Trentino's history and how the church ruled these territories. The famous "Stanza del Vescovo" (Bishop's Room) is incredible, with its frescoes and dizzying wooden furnishings. You will also find the "Sala delle Guardie" (Hall of the Guards) and the "Sala degli Antenati" (Hall of the Ancestors) with tables laid just like in the past. (We recommend it to lovers of antique furniture). Ideal for an excursion outside Lavarone, this castle is 60 km away, about 1 hour by car.


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